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Jacel C. Brooks, MD of Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Earns Credentials to Provide ImPACT® Concussion Care Management in Northwest Houston, Texas

Dr. Brooks of Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine joins the national network of top ImPACT healthcare providers

Houston, May 4, 2016 – Jacel C. Brooks, MD has earned the designation of Credentialed ImPACT ConsultantTM (CIC) by completing specialized training to offer state-of-the-art concussion care and management to patients. ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. As part of ImPACT’s national network of healthcare providers, CICs are leaders in clinical concussion care within their communities and are dedicated to providing the highest level of neurocognitive treatment.

Each CIC is recognized as a highly trained expert in the use of ImPACT products and the ImPACT Concussion Care Model to manage concussion injuries. The CIC status enables Dr. Jacel C. Brooks to administer ImPACT baseline and post-injury testing for any patients aged 12 and older, including recreational and serious athletes, as well as non-athletes, and to offer a full continuum of clinical concussion management and care. CICs also provide care for scholastic, club and professional sports organizations in their regions that administer the ImPACT test to their athletes.

ImPACT baseline testing is available at Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports medicine contact them at 281-955-7577. The cost for the baseline test and data storage is subject to insurance approval.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that results in a change in brain functioning. Concussion symptoms, lasting various lengths of time, may include amnesia, disorientation, confusion, fogginess, headache, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue and sometimes loss of consciousness.

“Symptoms of concussion are not always definite and the decision to allow an individual to return to activity is not always clear,” said Dr. Mark Lovell, chief scientific officer and chairman of ImPACT, Applications, Inc. “Our CICs provide ImPACT’s neurocognitive assessment tools and services that have been medically accepted as state-of-the-art best practices — as part of determining safe return to play decisions.”

“Most athletes who experience an initial concussion can recover completely as long as they are not returned to exertion or contact play too soon. Research clearly shows that the effects of repeated concussions are cumulative. A concussed athlete whose injury is not managed properly and who returns to play too soon before the brain has had time to heal is at greater risk for further, more serious injury, and that is a road you never want to travel,” said Dr. Lovell

About ImPACT

Developed by clinical experts who pioneered the field, ImPACT has received numerous accolades and endorsements from many of the world’s leading sports authorities, governing bodies, teams and athletes. ImPACT is trusted by teams and organizations around the world and is affiliated with hundreds of leading concussion care clinical centers. More than 10,000 medical professionals have been trained by ImPACT on concussion management. ImPACT is in use by the large majority of teams in MLB, NHL, NFL and MLS. More than 7,400+ high schools, 1,000+ colleges and universities, 900+ clinical centers, 200+ professional teams, select military units, Cirque du Soleil, and many other organizations around the globe use ImPACT.

ImPACT Applications, Inc., is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and provides tools such as the ImPACT Concussion Management Model to address the need for an accurate, medically accepted assessment system as part of an overall concussion management protocol. ImPACT is constantly updating products, services and industry-leading training programs by integrating new technologies, input from experts and users, and ongoing research on concussion management methods. For more information, visit

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